So here’s the thing about medical school interviews, you are interviewing the school as much as they are interviewing you. Each school is vastly different and some will be a better fit then others.¬†Everyone looks for something different in their school, but this is what I looked at.

Location wasn’t much of a concern to me. I’ve lived in 10 different states and 4 different countries, I can stay pretty much anywhere and be a happy camper. Though the fact that ARCOM is only a 10 hour drive to my Mom’s house and that my brother lives almost smack in the middle of the route, didn’t hurt.

I know many people were leery that ARCOM is a brand new school, which means they have no board scores to back up their teaching, but that isn’t really a concern of mine. New school says new equipment to me, and it also means they aren’t set in their ways. New schools are more likely to change as their students need them too. It also means that they are cheaper. Since they are untested, the tuition costs are lower than a lot of older universities.

Another plus for ARCOM is their housing. None of the schools that I interviewed at had housing (Though PNWU did have an apartment complex nearby that they were affiliated with). While Fort Smith has affordable housing options, you can’t beat having apartments right across the street from the school with all utilities included. As soon as I got accepted, I applied for housing.

While I have found DO schools to be generally friendlier than MD schools, the administration at ARCOM is exceptionally friendly. Part of that is probably southern hospitality, but I think a lot of it is just a genuine belief in their mission. It also helps, that as a new school, they are fully aware of how important their students are, where some of the older schools seem to forget that.

Overall, I am excited to call ARCOM my new home and look forward to starting. I’ll be taking an Anatomy refresher course on July 9th to kick off the term. Class of 2022, here I come!


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