Tools of the Trade

I am beginning to realize that medical school requires even more acronyms then the Army. One of my classes is called Foundations of Osteopathic Patient Care (FOPC). Despite the name, however, the class is basically learning beginning doctoring. How to do a physical, how to write a SOAP note, how to take a history, and all the many things I will have to learn to work with patients in the future.

Part of starting FOPC is getting my doctor’s bag. I realize that I actually paid for the bag with tuition, but seeing all of the new instruments laid out, it felt like Christmas morning.

The bag to hold all my new goodies, though it’s actually almost too small, I might have to rearrange a few things.
Lot of little bits; pulse oximeter, measuring tape, pen light, tuning forks(no idea what they are for), and the good ole fashioned reflex hammer.
Blood pressure cuff,  I’ve actually used one these before, but I’m out of practice.
Of course, a stethoscope. ARCOM actually has all of their Stethoscopes donated and engraved with each student’s name and class.
This is the parts for an otoscope. I have no idea how to use anything in this one, but that’s the point of school after all.
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