Chemistry Review 1

So I’ve finally started Biomedical Essentials of Comprehensive Osteopathic Medicine (BECOM), or as it should be called; Things you learned in undergrad that you wish you remembered. No, but really, BECOM takes the concepts you learned in your prereqs and gives them a medical bent. Like why no-carb diets can result in ketoacidosis and what that does to the body.

As for things I wish I had memorized in undergrad, I now really have to memorize the functional groups in chemistry.

We covered these in organic chemistry and for whatever reason I never took the time to memorize them, which was just dumb because when I put my mind to it, it really only took about an hour. First I watched this video. The guy goes through the groups and why he places them in the boxes in a particular way. So I drew out the boxes with the names in them and filled in the structure over and over. Then I took the names away, just leaving the boxes and filled them in with name and structure. Last I wrote them out as a list. According to a couple of sources, the best way to retain memorized information like that is to repeat it at least 6 hours apart, so I try and rewrite the chart every day or so to keep it fresh.

This naming system works for most of the functional groups, though the suffix is different for each of them. -ane is the suffix for Alkanes.

Oxidation and reduction always drives me crazy, because it is very counterintuitive. The pneumonic is OIL RIG, Oxidation is Loss, Reduction is Gain. What that basically means is Oxidation is the process of losing and electron (like a H or O) and thus the molecule becomes more positive. Reduction is when a molecule gains an electron and becomes more electronegative.

Here are a couple of extra structures to memorize. Most of these are dealing with metabolism.

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