Mise en Place

Mise en Place is french for ‘everything in its place’. A bit of a throwback from my culinary days, it basically means that before you start cooking, you should read the recipe all the way through and get all your ingredients prepped before you start. It is a saying that has been rather apt these months leading up to the start of school.

ARCOM emailed me awhile back with all my requirements for the start of school; basically a mass of shots, a background check, and a drug screen. Thankfully I had most of the shots covered from my Army days and my travel job, but I still needed a TB test, MMR titers, and a Varicella booster. Good news, I’m finally immune to Varicella(Chicken Pox)!

The biggest pain was actually the drug screen. At the time I got the requirements, I was working on the island of Nantucket, 30 miles out to sea. Of course, the closest Quest was back on the mainland, but I finally got that done this month.

So check, check, check on those requirements. Next was the dreaded ‘Supply List’.

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According to the previous class, the must buys are “Netter’s Atlas” and “First Aid USMLE Step 1” with the rest being available through the library and on PDF. I bought physical copies of the two, but I’m going to try sticking to the PDF’s for the rest. I’m just a little hesitant to pay $1500 in books if I can just read them in the library when I need them, but we’ll see.

Last, but not least, is housing. As I’ve mentioned before, pretty much the day after I got accepted, I applied for the school’s housing ‘The Residents’. Though I just got my confirmed move-in date for July 5th. I have an early move-in because I’m taking the Summer Anatomy Course. As far as I know, they haven’t released the move-in date for the rest of the class yet. I can’t wait to get settled in. After the move-in I’ll take some pictures and do a review, but for now, check out The Residents official facebook page here.

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