The Journey to Acceptance: Fourth Time’s the Charm

I was waitlisted at BCOM right before my interview at ARCOM. I was understandingly bummed. This was my 3rd time being waitlisted. I was desperate. I drove out to Fort Smith on the 27th of August, not in the best of moods.

I stayed from the 27th-30th at the DoubleTree downtown. It is about 20 minutes from the school, but I’m a Hilton member so I tend to pick their hotels if I can. It’s a really nice one and in walking distance from a lot of the downtown shops without being too busy.

I was not as adventurous this time as I had been at Las Cruces, but I did enjoy walking around. The downtown area is weirdly quiet, but you can tell they are rebuilding. There is an art movement going on in the area called ‘The Unexpected‘ where artists are painting massive murals on the buildings.

My first day there, I wandered around and looked at the murals. I also ate dinner at this fantastic Indian restaurant, R and R’s Curry Express. I know, I know, Indian food in Arkansas!? I was a little skeptical too, especially when I walked to the place and found that it was attached to a gas station, but the food was actually really good and their Samosas are cheap.

I interviewed on the 29th. As per my usual interview habits, I woke way too early and I was at the school a good 30 minutes before I needed to be. The Dean greeted everyone at the door and the staff was friendly and welcoming. We got to spend some time chatting with the admission’s crew and each other before we were swept into the conference room. There, Dr. Fudge gave a presentation about the school, rural health care, and how he wound up with ARCOM. There was also a quick written assignment. The topic changes every time, but they asked us an opinion question and gave us ~10 minutes to write everything we wanted about it. They also took our pictures for our future name badges and gave us a tour of the school. It is a beautiful building, still brand new and shiny. I really fell in love with the place and the helpful staff.

The actual interview was done by two people, one staff member and one member of the local community. I was horribly nervous, but they were both easy going. I really felt that it went well, though I have thought that before.

I spent my last day walking around town again. Looking at more art and visiting The Savoy Tea Company, which involved the largest Red Velvet Rooibos Latte I have ever seen and a fabulous raspberry scone. I also spent the day having a small heart attack. Here’s why; so ARCOM requires a letter of recommendation from a D.O., but I got invited to an interview without one. I just assumed they had changed their mind, but no, they just wouldn’t look at my interview until I sent them one.

I had not been having any luck finding anyone to shadow back in McDonough, GA, so I went all or nothing. I emailed a D.O. that I knew worked at my old hospital in Newnan, GA. I had never actually met the man, but I explained what was going on, that I used to work there, and asked if he would mind me shadowing him. He agreed with ease and I showed up the next day. I will forever be grateful for his help, because I called ARCOM the day the letter was sent through Interfolio, and that very night I got the call. Accepted!

If you have any questions about the ARCOM interview or Fort Smith, feel free to comment or email.

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