The Journey to Acceptance: Waitlisted

I started applying to schools in July 2016. I had just finished the last of my prereqs and the MCATs. My GPA was pretty good and I had a boatload of experience (Army Vet, 8 years in healthcare, volunteer work, etc), but I had an MCAT score of 497. For the non-medical people out there, this is a terrible score, but I was determined.

I applied both MD and DO, spending days getting both applications in tiptop shape. I got a bunch of secondaries and was walking on cloud-nine before I found the Student Doctor’s Network (SDN). SDN is a great forum filled with information about the application process, but it can be bad for your self-esteem. People post when they get interview invites and it’s a bit nerve-wracking to watch the invites roll in for others while all you hear is crickets.

Thankfully, I got an invite to Pacific Northwest University (PNWU), a DO school in Yakima, WA. At the time I was working in Kennewick, WA an hour away, so it was a perfect first interview. The staff was super friendly and we had a few group interview/games that helped calm me down. Though the one-on-one interview is a rapid-fire set of 4 interviews with only 8 minutes apiece. I did well on 3 of them, but bombed the last 1. Two weeks later, I was waitlisted.

With no news from any of my other applications, and halfway through December, I applied to 6 more schools. People get nervous about applying so late in the season, but really you never know until you try. In January, I got an Interview invite to the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine: Georgia Campus (GA-PCOM).

I felt a lot better about this interview. It was a two-to-one interview with a professor and a 3rd year student that lasted about 30 minutes. I was less nervous about this one, and being a Georgia resident helps. About two weeks later I got a letter in the mail, waitlisted.

This hurt, but I was not deterred. I was on 2 waitlists, I should be fine, right? Not so much. I sent a letter of intent and a letter of interest, but neither seemed to do me any good. By May 2017, I had come to terms with applying again. This time, I decided, I wasn’t taking any chances.

If you have any questions about the application or interview process, feel free to comment or email me. 

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3 thoughts on “The Journey to Acceptance: Waitlisted”

  1. I’m considering applying to ARCOM altough it is late. Anyone willing to give me advice? I got 3.98 and 3.957 and 500 on MCAT. AACOMAS is 3.92 and strong ECs. No interviews yet but got MCAT results back Oct 23rd. I’m just getting nervous right now.

    1. You absolutely should apply. It is a little late in the cycle, but it isn’t too late and you have excellent scores, so I say go for it.

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